Struggling to find words to explain your emotions?


A little while ago I came across this feelings wheel and thought it might be helpful to post it here.

Sometimes we can’t explain in words our feelings- we just have a generalised sense that an event, relationship or interaction is not sitting well with us. Sometimes we can get stuck in our confusion and this can make it even harder to make sense of the event and therefore what to do about it. Naturally, it follows that if we can’t make sense of it, or find the words to explain it to ourselves, that we will then have a hard time explaining to others.

We may have more clarity on our thoughs or cognitive processes. We may get a sense of the most obvious emotion (generally our secondary emotion), but we may not be able to notice what other emotions may be there. Maybe there are emotions that we are not able to show others (these are often our primary emotions, the ones that we feel first but can’t show others).

This wheel may just help to give some initial words to the emotions you may be feeling (and to think about what other emotions may sit underneath the most obviously identifiable emotion). It may also help illuminate some words to describe behavioural responses you may have noticed.

These initial words around feelings and behavioural responses, may give you some food for thought around the links between feelings, behaviours and thoughts.  If that is the case, you may want to book in for a session to make some of these links clearer for yourself and which may improve your life, relationships and functioning.

Happy Easter,
Sarah Joy, Valhalla Counselling Practice

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