Please Do Not Feed The Fear

A glance at any newspaper  headline, face book feed or news broadcast would have us believe that the world is rapidly becoming a very unsafe place. Just the last few weeks  Istanbul, Nice, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the USA have experienced devastating and indiscriminate violence .

For those who have suffered trauma or struggle with anxiety, feeling safe in the world and having the capacity to protect the ones you love may feel out of your grasp. It is important to remember these horrific incidents are isolated events rather than a snowballing trend that could be heading your way.

“Fear makes strangers of those that would be friends” Shirley Maclaine


Although it may be hard to accept, we live in a much more peaceful and inclusive world than our ancestors did. This not to underestimate the sections of our population and areas of the globe that have the potential to experience violence as part of their daily life…however for most of us, our experience is as passive and impotent viewers.

If you are aware of distress and anxiety being activated when you are exposed to the media here are some tips to help ground you.

  1. Turn devices off or limit your exposure. Even aim for a media free day.

  2. Look for the good news stories. They are there ,hidden like gems. Absorb stories of people overcoming adversity, doing good in the world or just having fun.

  3. Find something you can do in a small way in your community to contribute: a community garden, donating items ,time or your expertise to a charity,inviting your neighbours in for a chat.

  4. Dont lose sight of the fact that we also make up the world and through connection with those around us we can experience both safety and new understanding.



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