Individual Counselling

It is a big step to enter counselling. It takes courage to admit when your life is not going as you had hoped. Talking to someone safe can be a great relief. It helps if this is someone outside your family and friendship network. It allows you to talk about what is really going on. You might be concerned about your work, your relationships, your self-esteem, or issues from the past that you cannot seem to shake. No concern is too small or too big to bring to counselling.

People who access counselling improve their quality of life. They look after themselves better. They are able to maintain loving relationships. They have better self-esteem. They are able to let go of the past and be who they want to be in the present.

Michele Stewart, Sarah Joy, Clare Stapleton, Joy Cassidy, Yasmine Wahab, Maggie Mackenzie


This is a longer-term process that looks at one’s sense of self. Earlier challenging circumstances may have shaped who you are, and your patterns and reactions to yourself and others. These are usually more ingrained and emotionally distressing. You may want to embark on this longer-term process to explore childhood experiences and trauma from the past more deeply. You may resolve your immediate counselling concerns and choose to work to understand more about your inner world. Psychotherapy is an explorative and healing process enriched by the relationship you have with your counsellor

Clare Stapleton, Jan Grant, Yasmine Wahab, Jan Grant, Joy Cassidy, Sarah Joy

Couples Counselling

Did you know that there are four killers of good relationships? They are: criticism, contempt, stone-walling, and defensiveness.

Just as we know what kills relationships, we also know what helps them thrive. People who prioritise their relationships over material goods report greater happiness. People who value their partner and their children report more satisfaction with their lives. People with balance in their lives are happier. People who contribute to others are more satisfied.

Couples counselling is important if there are dynamics in your relationship that are concerning you.

It is so much easier to get things right if you take action sooner, rather than later. Couples counselling helps you really talk to each other. It gives you the space to focus on each other. By learning to deal with little matters, you learn how to tackle the big ones. It helps you create the healthy relationship you want. It teaches you how to connect emotionally.

Jan Grant, Joy Cassidy, Clare Stapleton, Sarah Joy, Maggie Mackenzie


Do you have a goal you are aiming for or perhaps desire just to take stock as you have lost your way? Coaching is a short-term collaborative process all about positive directed change. You and your coach will work together to clarify objectives and goals, and then plan how to get there. The focus is on understanding both real and imagined obstacles, developing your existing potential, and following through on tasks to lead you forward in the right direction Coaching promotes self-reflection, self-awareness and planned and considered action. It is a faster short-term (6-8 session) process that will help you appreciate your strengths, capabilities and resilience.

Michele Stewart

Clinical Supervision

Our skilled team also provides clinical supervision to other counselling practitioners working in private practice and agency settings. All counsellors and group leaders need supervision. Supervision should be a safe place where you can talk about what is happening for you as a practitioner. You can talk about any concerns you have regarding particular cases. You can discuss ethical issues that may have arisen in your work. You can avoid burnout by getting support for yourself.

Jan Grant, Clare Stapleton, Yasmine Wahab, Joy Cassidy, Michele Stewart