What happens in the first session?

You may feel anxious, nervous, or even relieved in your first session. You have taken a big step! The first session is a used as a ‘getting to know you’ for both the therapist and yourself. We will aim to understand what has brought you here and what you hope to get out of your sessions. Other practicalities, such as cancellation policy, fee structure, availability of sessions, and how we will work together, will be discussed. Choosing the right person to work with you is very important. Trust your instincts. Ask yourself ‘Are they someone I can trust and feel safe with? Did they help put me at ease and grasp my concerns?’ The quality of this relationship will be the key ingredient in addressing your concerns but also remember it takes time to establish any trusting relationship so give it a chance

How often do I need to come?

This is a complex question to answer given the unique circumstances and needs of each person or couple. Many people begin to feel lighter and have more clarity to address issues and make changes after a few sessions.. Others may want to engage in therapy long-term to work more deeply to understand and heal trauma from childhood. We are always available to talk about any aspect of your care. We are committed to treating all clients with respect and as individuals. Often a discussion about what may not be working can lead to a more effective collaboration between you and your counsellor

Should I come on my own or with my partner?

When tackling problems associated with your partner couples counselling is often the best way to proceed. This means you and your partner come together to meet with your counsellor to talk through the challenges you have in your relationship. In some instances your partner may not want to come, or you may want to talk through your relationship challenges privately. In this instance you do not need to bring your partner.

Other life challenges may not involve your relationship. It is possible to bring a family member or friend to meet with your counsellor. You can talk this through with your chosen practitioner.

Do I need a referral from a GP?

Some of our team may require a referral but only if working under a Mental Health Care plan in conjunction with your GP or another doctor. To qualify for the scheme your counsellor needs to be a psychologist or social worker. Under the Medicare scheme you are eligible for up to 10 rebated sessions but these must be approved by your treating doctor first and a letter needs to be sent by your doctor to your counsellor before the rebate can be claimed. If your preferred practitioner isn’t a psychologist or social worker ask about their fees and any other schemes they may work under that could help to reduce your costs.

Please note that couples counselling is not included under this scheme.

Are there other concessions or rebates?

Some private health funds will offer rebates that are capped at a fixed amount per calendar year. Some of our practitioners have a sliding scale for some clients, while others may offer a reduced rate on 10 sessions paid upfront. Please ask when you call or email.