Maggie MacKenzie

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Have you thought it is finally time to get some outside help? Maybe you’ve been ‘doing it on your own’ but it is not really working. Your family and friends are too close to the situation and possibly part of the problem. The realization to seek help can come at any age or stage of life. We all have to navigate at some stage the losses, changes and challenges that life inevitably brings.

You can particularly benefit from experienced support and guidance if you realize  you are getting stuck on the same issues, either at work or in relationships. Too often  we can just blame ourselves without having a sense of where we’ve come from. Both counselling and longer term psychotherapy can help foster an attitude of curiosity and compassion towards yourself. Doing counselling or therapy is not to make you even more ‘perfect’ but to ease and understand the pressures you may be  putting on yourself. You can learn helpful alternate strategies and discover fresh perspectives. We can learn to read what’s going on around us more clearly.

I work with a wide range of motivated adult clients. Having worked in private practice in Sydney for thirty years I am known for my holistic overview and practical versatility in drawing upon the major therapeutic models.

Each client is unique, and might respond better to some approaches rather than others. My base is relational and psychodynamic, and I use narrative, cognitive, mindfulness and stress reduction approaches and strategies as needed.

I work across all issues including mental health, but have particular interest in supporting latent or blocked creative expression. Another interest is working with those who are affected by their contact with narcissistic people. I find the writings of Carl Jung culturally and clinically valuable.

Your feedback is deeply useful. When we are working together over a longer period something can happen in the safe space of the therapy room. Communications can happen that might echo what happens outside in life. When doing exploratory ‘inner work’ you might find it helpful to write down reflections, feelings, images, and your dreams. This can be an uplifting journey.


I started as a social worker in mostly community mental health settings.

After moving on into private practice, I had a consultancy in the field of ‘burnout prevention ‘. For many years I facilitated creativity workshops for adults, and guided solo wilderness retreats.

I have taught counseling skills and ‘methods of psychology’ in professional training colleges and been a communications tutor with the Faculty of Medicine UNSW

Personally I have a visual arts practice, sing in an acapella choir, garden, and continue to enjoy the healing and solitude of nature.


  • Master of Analytical Psychology (UWS)
  • Bachelor of Social Studies University of Sydney
  • Diploma of Performing Arts (DAC)

Member of Australian Association of Social Workers

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
  • Medicare rebates available with GP referral